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Commercial Multifamily Real Estate Investing

Rental Property & 401k Alternative

Experienced Team

Attractive Investor Return

What We Do

Our Pitch

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Our Process

We provide an opportunity to working professionals and sophisticated investors looking for proven, high rates of return.

We give investors access to hassle-free, tax-advantaged & superior quality real estate ventures located in the best U.S. markets. 

We offer two-fold returns to our investors: A monthly cash flow distribution plus a pro-rata share of profits upon sale. 

We accompany our investors in funding every project to ensure an alignment-of-interest in working towards common capital goals. 


Register:  Get access to our current deals by completing the New Investor Form.


Select Investment:  Receive New Deal Alert emails, and choose an investment opportunity.


Fund & Sign:  Send funds to escrow account, and sign associated deal documentation (PPM - Private Placement Memorandum).


Close & Earn:  Upon closing, you will be earning your proportionate share of distributions, typically paid monthly, as well as profits upon sale.

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