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20 reasons why you might want to consider investing in apartments.

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

If we don't sound like a broken record yet on what we think is the best investment vehicle for the coming decades, we're not doing our job. So here is a quick blog post on 20 reasons you might want to consider commercial multifamily.

The days of purchasing a single family home rental property in a large metropolitan market have come and gone. It simply isn't cost effective nor is it time efficient. Housing prices have skyrocketed, and it takes a small fortune to enter the market. What you're able to do to the property to drive revenue is largely limited to collecting rent.

Investing in a commercial multifamily property however offers multiple revenue stream opportunities:

1. Storage Units

2. Pet Leases

3. Parking Fees

4. Ratio Utility Billing Systems

5. Gym Membership

6. Laundry Units

7. Appliance Rental

8. View Premiums

9. Bike Rack Rental

10. Clubhouse Rental

11. Short Term Leasing

12. Vacation Rental

13. Vending Machines

14. Child Care

15. Business Center Rental

16. Conference Center Rental

17. Internet Service

18. Cable TV

19. Valet Trash

20. Valet Parking

Intelligently investing in commercial multifamily is very much an investment in not only real estate, but the underlying business too. With a virtually limitless list of possibilities to get creative in driving revenue, apartment communities will continue to look for ways to better serve the needs and lifestyles of tenants.

Invest with fyre CAPITAL

fyre CAPITAL is a commercial multifamily investment firm. We purchase and/or partner in 150-600 unit, value-add apartment communities in fast-growing Tier 1 & 2 U.S. markets. Together with our strategic partners, fyre CAPITAL represents over 500 Million Dollars of successful real estate acquisitions. Our developers, sponsors and capital partners have amassed a network of over 1,500 unique investors. We provide new opportunities to invest in projects targeting a 14%-21% Internal Rate of Return . If you would like to join us on our next project, your first step is to Submit an Interest Card. We look forward to partnering with you.

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